Conscious Classroom Certification

Conscious Leadership


6 weeks to being a prepared leader

When: April 17th - May 26th

Where: Zoom

Why: Because you deserve it and your team needs it.

Cost: $997/person

*Daily zoom meetings will be held at 10:00AM CST M-F

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This Camp Has It ALL

Easy to Use

Our online portal is designed for ease of use. Each week assignments and video content will be posted


This is where it all begins. We use brain science to set everyone up for success

Lasting Tools

The tools you will receive during this training will last you your entire career

Valuable Content

We provide templates and other resources to prepare everyone on your team to be the best of the best.

Learn Then Do Method

This program is designed to help you seamlessly implement the 4 R’s (Retention, Recruitment, Revenue Protection and Risk Mitigation) into your early childhood centers so that you can get back more time, energy and money and instead focus on your vision: to have a world-class facility that helps kids grow and thrive. These exact trainings, tools, procedures and templates build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the Conscious Classroom Model - the same methodologies Summer Picha used to rapidly grow and expand her own multi-facility childhood learning centers, to award-winning accolades, high staff retention results, and reaching profitability in its first year. When we say it’s holistic - we mean it.









Week 1: Mindset

Stop chasing fires by learning to shift your perspective and boss up. This first week is all about preparing you to control your days.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Deep dive into your values + your company's values
  • Science of mindset and perspective shifting
  • How to identify and shift perspective around cognitive distortions

Week 2: Habits for Success

Small changes can sometimes have the biggest impact. Learn the habits that will lead you and your team to success.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Time management training
  • Delegation Toolkit
  • Accountability training

Week 3: Communication

It can be hard to find the balance between scripting everything and speaking conversationally. These tips will help.

A small peak at what's included:

  • ECE Leadership Edge quiz
  • Leadership style and communication training
  • Conflict resolution training

Week 4: Systems for Consistency

Inconsistency is frustrating and exhausting for everyone. Learn to develop easy to use systems that will save your time and sanity.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Meeting templates
  • Parent Communication training videos and activities 
  • ECE system templates

Week 6: Training Skills

We want the best staff, but they don't just appear. Learn to train top tier early childhood educators that meet your high standards.

A small peak at what's included:

  • The science of memory
  • Hidden triggers training
  • Onboarding and continuing education that lasts

Week 5: Operations

You have a million things do, we get it. Get tips and tricks that will may those day to day operations work for you, not against you.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Budget templates
  • Cleaning templates
  • Non-negotiables training

Find your rhythm faster.

This 6 week course is exactly the mixture of information and accountability you need to transform your work day.

$997/Enrolled ECE Leader

Have a large administrative group? Send us an email for group pricing to

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Meet Summer

When I think back to running my first school as an administrator I want to go back and hug that starry eyed, but exhausted, entrepreneur. I was an excellent teacher, but a leader to other educators? That was much trickier.

So I devoted hours to learning from the best people I knew, researched leadership skills, implemented new practices (that sometimes worked and sometimes flopped). It was like another full time job on top of my VERY full time job.

While all that work paid off and helped me create a multi-location ECE program that was extremely successful, I wouldn't wish that lonely and exhausting process on anyone; and that is why I'm excited to share top secrets to success with you.

These are the skills I shared with my high performing leadership team, and I can't wait to share them with YOU.

CEO + Founder

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Our Clients Get Results

"Summer has a passion to see her clients thrive and rise to become the best version of themselves. Through her coaching, mentoring, and encouragement, I was able to push myself to new heights I didn't think imaginable. Despite her vast knowledge and expertise in the early childhood industry, Summer's warm style and down to earth personality makes one feel as if you're getting advice from a friend who intimately understands your needs. She is your biggest cheerleader but also gives you the right mix of accountability and guidance. I would highly recommend Summer for your coaching needs."

Usma R. - Lower School Director

"Working with Summer has been on an exceptionally powerful & uplifting experience. She has this perfect combination of experience and intuition that allows her to see into and guide people in ways no other person can."

Rachel R. - Head of School

“Over the course of three months, not only were we able to keep our staff, but we were able to add to the team, getting me out of ratio! I’m thrilled to be a beta school for Summer’s program. I assure you that what you learn here is something that you will not learn anywhere else. In this industry, Summer is a true expert. I highly, highly recommend Summer and anything she has to offer.”

Jessica J. - Multi-Location Program Owner

“My admin team took this course and I really believe this course is helping them view leadership through a new lens. It's no longer just something to do - it's something to be."

Sara S. - Multi-Location Program Owner


We've got A's for your Q's

What does the schedule look like?

Each day we will meet at 10:00AM CST for 20-45 minutes (you'll get a schedule sent to you for each day).

Then you'll be change of completing the homework on your own.

What if I have to miss a live session?

Your job keeps you BUSY and we get it! While we hope you can make it every single day, we will be offering recording of each live session.  

What is the time commitment for the 8 weeks?

Including the meeting plan on spending about 1.5-2 hours each day during these two weeks. I know, I know; it sounds like a lot, but I promise it's worth it.  

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun and get more out of it if you're completing all the activities and showing up every day, but if you just want to listen and implement small changes, that's great!  

I've been an ECE program leader for a long time, would this still benefit me?

100%! We work with everyone from teachers who are newly promoted to admin all the way to seasoned school leaders. We've got something for everyone.

Does my location matter?

Any ECE program in the United States can participate.