Conscious Classroom Certification

Retain your best staff and create a best-in-class program that has every parent knocking on your door and enrolling their kids on demand.

Instead of wasting time, energy and money on hell, searching for that next “best” person to meet your ratio because you just received a resignation notice from 3 of your staff - how about implementing a proven system that will actually retain your best staff, insuring that both your revenue and your risk is mitigated without worry?

This is what’s missing in the early education field. It’s the biggest advantage your school(s) can implement immediately to live the vision you have while creating a seamless holistic process that solves the real challenges that owners and admins face everyday.


This Certification Has It ALL

Easy to Use

Our online portal is designed for ease of use. Each unit provides a roadmap with step-by-step instructions of how to get the most out of CCC.

Admin Trainings

Trainings on all things admin with videos and done for you templates to make your directors feel prepared for anything and everything.

Staff Trainings

Videos, worksheets, and clearly defined expectations are all within the CCC portal. Give your staff the skills to level up the professionalism in ECE

Valuable Content

Pre-done staff activities, motivational content, and resources to prepare everyone on your team to be the best of the best.

Learn Then Do Method

This program is designed to help you seamlessly implement the 4 R’s (Retention, Recruitment, Revenue Protection and Risk Mitigation) into your early childhood centers so that you can get back more time, energy and money and instead focus on your vision: to have a world-class facility that helps kids grow and thrive. These exact trainings, tools, procedures and templates build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the Conscious Classroom Model - the same methodologies Summer Picha used to rapidly grow and expand her own multi-facility childhood learning centers, to award-winning accolades, high staff retention results, and reaching profitability in its first year. It also includes one-on-one consulting and coaching by Summer herself, to help owners, admins and/or leadership teams integrate the CCC Model with their staff and customers (kids + parents). When we say it’s holistic - we mean it.









What's Included In Each Unit

In addition to video trainings each unit includes additional content to help your team implement what was learned. Each unit also includes a team admin call directly with Summer to check in with progress and answer additional questions.

Below are just some of the things included in each unit:

Admin & Owner Portal

  • Content Videos
  • Marketing scripts
  • Done-for-you staff trainings
  • Easy to use templates

Staff Portal

  • Content videos
  • Downloadable templates
  • Assignments & activities
  • Bonus materials and classroom ideas

Unit 1: Values & Culture

It’s time to dive into the training. In this first training we’ll take a closer look at the values & culture of your program. During this training the owners and admin team will do a deep dive into daily culture and how you are living out your values.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Acknowledgement & Appreciation video
  • Prepared Leader video
  • Communication video
  • Performance Improvement Plan template

Unit 2: Indoor Classroom

In this unit we work on forward thinking, strategic placement of shelving, communication with others, daily scheduling, emergency preparedness, and much more.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Phases of a Team training video
  • Team Communication video 
  • Classroom Layout video and activity

Unit 3: Active Supervision

We’ll go through activities on safety, observation, as well as taking proactive action with your team’s knowledge of the environment and tendencies of the children.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Sample active supervision policy
  • Active Supervision training videos
  • Staff group activities

Unit 4: Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is all about getting your team on the same page when it comes to discipline philosophy. It’s time to teach your crew new skills when it comes to discipline. Discipline isn’t a 4-letter word.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Positive Discipline Videos
  • Age specific positive discipline training
  • Accountability activities and templates

Unit 6:Outdoor Classroom

The outdoor environment is more than a playspace. It’s a world exploration. Let’s work together to teach your staff safety, communication, and experimentation in your outdoor area.

Videos Included:

  • Staff Communication & Placement video
  • Outdoor activity ideas 
  • Checklist templates

Unit 5: Delightful Service

Delightful Service speaks to giving your clients the attention and communication they deserve. All staff, from Owners to Aides, will learn how to communicate with your clients.

A small peak at what's included:

  • Building family loyalty training
  • Parent Communication training videos and activities 
  • Soft skills trainings

Meet Summer

If you are reading this you are probably my twin. About twelve years ago I opened the doors of my first Montessori School. I had the vision and dream of walking into my classroom, closing the door, and working with the child. Easy! 

That dream was popped immediately when everyone started pulling me in every direction. I knew I had to create a training program to help those around me become independent, self-sufficient, and proud of their work. Little did I know, this was the beginning of The Conscious Classroom

After being in the Early Childhood Education world for over eighteen years and owning & selling a group of Montessori schools for over $4,000,000, I have seen ALL the reasons most people are burning out in our industry.

I thought I would take a nap after I sold my schools, but I couldn't...I'm coming back to get my friends in the ECE world!

If you are feeling burnt out, at a loss because staff is impossible to find, or looking to improve the overall quality of your program - I can help!

Imagine yourself as a genuine Conscious Classroom school in 12 months.

This is why booking your call is important to do right now, don’t wait.

The truth is - you’ve been guided to do things that take the LONGEST to get the results you want. Let’s change that mess and turn it into impactful service in an industry you love (and have some fun along the way!)

CEO + Founder

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Conscious Classroom Testimonials

"Working with Summer has been on an exceptionally powerful & uplifting experience. She has this perfect combination of experience and intuition that allows her to see into and guide people in ways no other person can."

Rachel R. - Head of School

"Summer has a passion to see her clients thrive and rise to become the best version of themselves. Through her coaching, mentoring, and encouragement, I was able to push myself to new heights I didn't think imaginable. Despite her vast knowledge and expertise in the early childhood industry, Summer's warm style and down to earth personality makes one feel as if you're getting advice from a friend who intimately understands your needs. She is your biggest cheerleader but also gives you the right mix of accountability and guidance. I would highly recommend Summer for your coaching needs."

Usma R. - Lower School Director

“Over the course of three months, not only were we able to keep our staff, but we were able to add to the team, getting me out of ratio! I’m thrilled to be a beta school for Summer’s program. I assure you that what you learn here is something that you will not learn anywhere else. In this industry, Summer is a true expert. I highly, highly recommend Summer and anything she has to offer.”

Jessica J.- Program Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Just Another Thing?

This is why Summer Picha created a CERTIFICATION Model instead of a training course. The CCC Model is designed to help your program go through a transformation over the course of twelve months. The flow of the CCC Model is set up for one month of learning about  a concept and one month of implementation of the same concept. Like with any certification, you get what you put into it and the CCC team is here to help along the way.

Why Should I Invest In The CCC Model?

Our team has been both designing trainings and working in the ECE field for nearly two decades. Our team is built up of highly qualified individuals with a vast array of knowledge. The CCC Model has been proven very successful with all types of learners and has consistently shown measurable results.

Can I Use These Training Modules When I Hire New Staff?

Absolutely! You have complete freedom to use the materials as you choose throughout the year. 

Note: CCC does not allow the re-sale of our materials. The program can only be used for your employees and cannot be transferred to other facilities.

What Happens When We Complete The Certification? Do You Offer Ongoing Support?

One of the core values at CCC is to put people first. Whether it is a quick question or a staff training session we show up for our clients! Simply book a call with a member of the CCC team.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Payment plans are available.

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